Reviews for the First Edition

A must for the purist and the novice.
— Catherine Yates, Kerrang!
Choosing Death has ‘definitive’ written all over it.
— Ian Glasper, Terrorizer Magazine
Impeccably researched and bristling with first-hand accounts .... the book is exacting in its detail, yet manages to capture the genuine excitement of an era when anything was possible and extremity knew no boundaries.
— Peter Atkinson,
I have to admit, I was pretty depressed upon finishing Choosing Death. This definitive argument-ender is so complete in its coverage of the origins of the art form that has resonated most powerfully throughout my life that there was seemingly little left to explore within the genre after completing the read...
— Elliot Lang, Maximum Rocknroll
Anybody can compile a who’s who of death metal and list its precursors. Mudrian instead focuses on the secret and connected histories of bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Death, Morbid Angel and others.... [he] conducted more than 100 interviews throughout two years of research to unearth these tales.
— Gary Singh, San Jose Metro Times