Death Dealer: Albert Mudrian Interviewed by Noisey

Noisey talks metal, asks about the effect of Choosing Death on the revitalized extreme music world, and gets excited about the future of print journalism.
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Following the genesis of the twin (and often incestuous) genres from far-flung locales like Florida, England, Sweden and Flint, Michigan to the world stage of major labels, MTV and semi-mass appeal madness via over a hundred interwoven interviews with key figures, the tome quickly became the definitive account of extreme metal’s origins. Fast forward to right about now: Mudrian has unveiled an all-new hardcover edition of Choosing Death, featuring tons of new material (including three additional chapters), a killer redesign courtesy of Decibel art director Bruno Guerreiro, and gloriously retro cover art by legendary death metal album-cover artist Dan Seagrave.”
— J. Benett, Noisey