Legendary death metal illustrator Dan Seagrave discusses painting the cover of the revised and expanded "Choosing Death"

And Justice for Art, a blog exmaining the stories behind heavy metal covers, spoke to legendary British painter/illustrator/filmmaker Dan Seagrave about the piece he painted for the cover of Choosing Death. The icononic metal artist had the following to say:

"Albert was interested in having artwork by myself that tapped into the essence of the work I had done in the original Death Metal scene. Not to copy anything or flaky reproduce the past, but something that felt like those covers. Albert pretty much left it at that. So really it was about creating a piece that I though would work, and feel like that era. " 
"I had been somewhat curious about re-visiting the Morbid Angel theme I created for the Altars of Madness record. Somehow I'd thought about a follow up to that; that there was more to it. It seemed therefore like a strange opportunity to in fact do just that."

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