Interviews for the First Edition

Spanning 20 years, Choosing Death tackles the difficult task of telling the story of the underground through interviews with some of the scene’s most esteemed names, from musicians to producers and label bosses, and will serve as both cultural history and invaluable reference point.
— Terrorizer Magazine
I got so much into it that after first day of reading, I had a dream where Evil Chuck was back from the dead, I was entering the club by the first riff of “Open Casket” - and then the damn alarm woke me up! So even if I’m way too young to actually have lived that era of first wave of death metal and grindcore, the book was written so vividly it caught me.
— Teemu Lampinen, Inferno Magazine
There are moments in your “music”-life when you know that something special happened. This took place when I listened the first time to ENTOMBED’s “Left Hand Path” as an example but the same happened to me when I started reading the book “Choosing Death – The Improbable History Of Death Metal & Grindcore” from Albert Mudrian.
— Thomas Ehrmann, Voices from the Darkside