Choosing Death: The Almost Seven-Minute Documentary!

The metal fiends at independent film production company FreqsTV were cool enough to ask the author, Albert Mudrian, to participate in a pretty damn wide-reaching documentary short (for just a seven-minute run-time)! Shot during the final day of the 2015 Decibel Tour at NYC's Webster Hall and Saint Vitus (site of Vallenfyre's free afterparty), the documentary tells you everything you ever wanted to know about not only the revised and expanded Choosing Death, but what it takes to curate the Decibel Tour and create Decibel magazine every month! 

Death Dealer: Albert Mudrian Interviewed by Noisey

Noisey talks metal, asks about the effect of Choosing Death on the revitalized extreme music world, and gets excited about the future of print journalism.
Read the interview here.

Following the genesis of the twin (and often incestuous) genres from far-flung locales like Florida, England, Sweden and Flint, Michigan to the world stage of major labels, MTV and semi-mass appeal madness via over a hundred interwoven interviews with key figures, the tome quickly became the definitive account of extreme metal’s origins. Fast forward to right about now: Mudrian has unveiled an all-new hardcover edition of Choosing Death, featuring tons of new material (including three additional chapters), a killer redesign courtesy of Decibel art director Bruno Guerreiro, and gloriously retro cover art by legendary death metal album-cover artist Dan Seagrave.”
— J. Benett, Noisey

Legendary death metal illustrator Dan Seagrave discusses painting the cover of the revised and expanded "Choosing Death"

And Justice for Art, a blog exmaining the stories behind heavy metal covers, spoke to legendary British painter/illustrator/filmmaker Dan Seagrave about the piece he painted for the cover of Choosing Death. The icononic metal artist had the following to say:

"Albert was interested in having artwork by myself that tapped into the essence of the work I had done in the original Death Metal scene. Not to copy anything or flaky reproduce the past, but something that felt like those covers. Albert pretty much left it at that. So really it was about creating a piece that I though would work, and feel like that era. " 
"I had been somewhat curious about re-visiting the Morbid Angel theme I created for the Altars of Madness record. Somehow I'd thought about a follow up to that; that there was more to it. It seemed therefore like a strange opportunity to in fact do just that."

Read more about the montrous disk artifact and its connection to death metal history here. 

Choosing Death Excerpt Posted on Decibel's Blog

From Decibel: "The revised and expanded (essentially) 10-year anniversary edition of dB editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian's Choosing Death is officially available! One-hundred new pages of content over three new chapters, entailing over 50 new interviews, and brand new Dan Seagrave cover art. To celebrate, here's an excerpt of all new material!"

Check out the excerpt, which features a compelling cast of death metal characters (of Carcass and Pestilence fame), as well as a riot, a police helicopter, 50 beers, live ammunition, and a near vehicular homicide by an escaped convict. Speaks to "Choosing Death" Author Albert Mudrian

Chad Bowar,'s resident heavy metal expert, "spoke with Mudrian about [Choosing Death], the changes in death metal and grindcore in the decade since the book's original version, changes in the publishing industry, the future of Decibel and other subjects."

The full interview is available here.

Albert Mudrian on stage with Napalm Death

Albert Mudrian on stage with Napalm Death